Unleash your adventure spirit in Alaska

Alaska is one of the states of North America and is located in the Northwest Extremity. This place is well famous for its wilderness adventures. The Geographic situation of this region is such that it is
the best from them.

Denali national park:

This park is one of the largest in the States and comprises with the highest peak namely Mount McKinley. The area is approximately 6 million acres and includes the wide river valley; high mountain ranges, glacier hills, and tundra are the major attractions. Lovers of motherly nature will never go with a sad face on their visit. The place is over welcoming and you even get the option to lodge in the privately owned motels.

The Denali national Park, Alaska is not as cold as you think it may be. Summers do exist at this place and the winters can be colder than your expectations. So, it’s better to go prepared with all the needful items to enjoy holidays in Alaska. Here, the Rangers can guide you about the different perspective o this place.

Touring and Camping is highly popular at the Denali national park, especially near the Wonder Lake. Here, you have to be quick with the reservations as the seats get full very quickly. There are also five different camping sites in this national park which will also amaze you with its natural beauties.

This national park is a refuge for many wildlife animals and is the home for them. Here, you can find roaring bears; moose etc. and enjoy their natural existence and inhabitance of these creatures. It is advisable to remain away from these animals and endeavor their beauty from a distance.

University of Alaska Museum of the North:

For researchers, nature lovers and knowledge seekers this particular place is a heaven. Being located at the Fairbanks, The University of Alaska Museum of the North is the home of millions of artifacts and relating history pieces. Here you can find a deeper collection of the various items used by the different groups in the Alaskan History. There are a huge bird collections, pre-historic culture and palaeontology articles. The building structure also resembles the typical Alaskan culture. This place opens at specific times with respect to the seasons.

The museum even manages different exhibitions, lectures and other knowledgeable programs for the kids and learners. The members receive free admissions to these galleries whole the year round. You can visit this museum by paying a nominal fee and enjoy the civilization history in a very distinctive way.


The Grand Teton national Park comes under the authorities of United States national parks and is situated in the North Western region of Wyoming. The Park measures up to 310,000 acres and has a long historical background. It also has the mountain range which 40 miles long which makes it the best tourist destination spot. For the nature lovers, for those who want a break from their busy life and hectic schedules, for those who want to taste the love of Mother Nature and are bored while living in the urban jungle, they must visit this place which is more than heaven.

The flora and fauna in this perk exist since the pre-historic times and are still preserved as the same. You can find more than 1000 species of such plants, flowers and herbs. There are many species of mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles etc. The Grand Teton National Park has a diverse eco-system. The ecologists have made the best efforts to preserve the natural resources and the inhabitants of these areas. This park is a hot spot destination especially for the hikers, mountaineers, fishers and also for other recreational activists. There are many hiking trails and camping areas and is best known for the trout fishing.

To accommodate the visitors there are many privately owned lodges, motels, marines and resorts, which serve you well on your stay. The interior of these residing places are so marvelously designed that it reminds you of the historic inhabitation and are fully equipped with modern facilities. You won’t regret with your visit in the Grand Teton national Park, Wyoming.

Discovering the Mother Nature at Grand Teton national Park

The most visited National Park, The Tetons truly works ahead to take your breath away. The nature, the residing areas, the flora and fauna, the natural mountainous ranges, the natural inhabitants all are welcoming you to feel and enjoy the touch of nature. With wasting any further time, book your air tickets and take the first flight to Wyoming. You can also plan the trip by road and reach this place. Some of the exciting features to see at the Grand Teton national Park

Wildlife: If you love the wildlife, then this park is the perfect destination for you. Here you can find plenty of wild inhabitants like Mountain Lions, bears, wolves, beavers, weasels etc.

The Jenney Lake: Wind up your car and drive along the scenic view of the lake and enjoy the mountains. The scenic beauty at this place is overwhelming and the experience you get here is beyond your imagination.

The Jackson Lake: It is the largest high altitude lake across the United States and has numerous fishes residing in it. A perfect destination for those who love fishing and here you can find different varieties of trout fish.

Death Canyon: Don’t confuse with the name, it is a safe hiking destination for the hikers. Here you can hike through the pine forest and gaze up on the Phelps Lake.

Mormon Row: It is a place with historic background and here you can learn about the early inhabitants. The way they lived and different facts about the community.

Discover the untouched wild side of China

China is one of the most favorable tourist destinations if you are seeking for an extraordinary wildlife adventure. Today, here we will discuss wild life side of China which is quite untouched. While considering a traveling plan for visiting China, the most interesting part will have a look on the wild side. This will surely build a new experience in your traveling. In China, there are numerous places which are covered by forests. The rivers and bamboo forest of China are the main sources of attraction. Through various cruise services, one can travel to Yangtze River from China. They will provide you best services under affordable price.

The wild side of China:

The information of Chinese wildlife will be incomplete if not mention about Panda Bears, Chinese Alligator, Siberian tiger and much more. Most of you have must seen these animals in Hollywood movies, experiencing them in front of your eyes will surely come under unforgettable memories. There is a number of places to visit in China some of them are mentioned below. While travelling to the forests areas you can take help of cruise services.

Food available on wild side:

While travelling through cruise you will find the restaurants, where one can enjoy the delicious food items. The noodles, proper street kebabs and many more items are available for the visitors. Non-vegetarian food stuff is quite famous in all around areas of China. In cruise restaurants you can also enjoy bars and restaurant services.

Yangtze River wildlife:

It is the longest river of Asia and plays an important role as a lifeline which serves over millions of people. This river comes across through the Kunlun Mountains to the north of Shanghai. Here one can view the water animal lifestyle, which is a kind of complete family adventure trip.

  • Chinese Alligators are there which are almost 5 feet in length and weight is about 45 kilograms, Yangtze River.
  • Dolphins are there which also named as “river pigs”.
  • Chinese Golden Monkeys are there which sustain their lifestyle at Yunnan-Tibetan areas and Yangtze River.

Large species of China:

In above description, there is an overview of small species that are found beneath the water. The forest nearby Yangtze is well-known for the species such as Tibetan Antelope, Mongolian gazelle, Snow Leopard and Giant Panda are there. These are the cutest animals and are found in the central western, southwestern regions of China. To increase the wildlife of China, government is implementing various protective steps.

Current reports of China wild side:

We all are aware of the fact that due to increase in global warming, the animal species are reducing day by day. Due to increase rate of the population nowadays the rivers are using for commercial purposes. So, because of this, it is difficult for animals to sustain their lifestyle. You will completely shock by the news that almost 57 bridges area across the North China to South China.

Adventurous travel to Greece in September

Greece is one of the Europe’s popular travel destinations where you can explore ancient ruins, sunny beaches, whitewashed villages, and beautiful atmosphere. There are thousands of islands and mountainous mainland which offers amazing landscapes, nightlife sites, and historic sites. Due to the recent collapse of the economy, you can easily organize an affordable trip to Greece. Things nearly cost half as they charge in other parts of Europe. It is one of the famous destinations during September where most of the people travel to feel the sunshine on beautiful islands and explore historical places.

A beautiful city in Greece: Thessaloniki

It is the second largest city in Greece which is the most popular destination for travel preferable by various tourists. Mikra Airport is the nearest International Airport from where you can book your flights. This place is built near the sea which gives it a special beauty and charm. Social events, amazing nightlife, and energetic festival activities make it the best travel destination for people. You can explore taverns and nightclubs by organizing a trip to this location. Travelling can be a full of excitement and enthusiastic experience that one can have in a lifetime. Travelling to this beautiful place can be a very peaceful experience where you can explore new people, places, and islands.

Best accommodations at a reasonable price:

You can avail accommodations at reasonable prices while opting out this destination for travel. For the family, the hostels normally cost 10-30 Euro and 25-30 for private rooms per night. There are various facilities that they provide which include a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, television, a refrigerator, air-conditioning, and breakfast. You can also find shared rooms in case of traveling alone on a low budget. With these accommodations near the beautiful sites and amazing nightlife, you can enjoy each and every moment of your journey.

Delicious food:

Greece is known for the amazing and delicious food items. With a fresh Mediterranean diet, you can get your hands on grilled meats, fresh vegetables, yogurt, and feta cheese. Restaurants normally cost 20 Euro for a complete dinner which quite reasonable. With an added wine to the dinner, you just have to pay 10 Euro extra. A luxurious restaurant, a meal begins at 30 Euro but if you want to eat cheap like gyros which are around 3 Euro. You can also cook your meals by yourself that will include chicken, pasta, vegetables, and other basic food much conveniently.

Transportation facilities:

There are thousands of islands that you can explore in this amazing country. A normal trip usually costs around 36 Euros which further reduces to 12-15 Euros if the islands are closer. On booking the ferries before two months can help you save up to 25% of your ticket. By choosing an overnight ferry can save you half of the cost and accommodation cost too. Slow ferries usually cost 13-15 Euros which is very convenient. Hence, planning a trip to Greece can be worth remembering and full of excitements.

Explore the Nikoi Island of Indonesia this September

Nikoi Island of Indonesia

This gorgeous Island is 10 kilometers off the Coast of Bintan Indonesian Island. The maximum height of the Nikoi Island is 30 meters and this isle surrounded by white sand beaches having white granite stone along with the coral reef off shore. It is one of the private Isles in the world. The wonderful fact about this isle is that there are fifteen beach houses for the visitors. Along with this, you can also find a magnificent coast. Actually, the staff members of the coast make your traveling experience incredible. The staff endows all their services to the visitors with a huge smile on their face. The best time to visit this island is from March to November.

You Never Get Bored on this Lovely Island

The travelers do not get bored because of lots of water activities including windsurfing, kayaking, diving, and sailing etc. Along with these activities, the tennis and croquet courts are also there for the tourists. The staff members also play soccer with their guests during the sun set time. Kids can also love to visit this island as there is also a kids club where they display children film on such a large screen at the evening. There is a paper hanging on the pole near the hut which tells the activities of the day like jumping, capture the flag, woodworking, and fishing etc.

Enjoy Stay and Food with Amazing View

The resorts are built using the driftwood as a construction material as well as the roof is covered with the grass. Actually, there is a double layer of grass on the roof in order to improve the ventilation. So, that the rooms do not require the air conditioning. The solar panel heat up the water and the hybrid solar PV array endow the renewal energy for whole day.
There are two restaurants right on the beach which offers an eye-catching view of the sea. One of the restaurants is for couples and the second one is for the family. The visitors can enjoy their breakfast, lunch, and dinner by exploring the astonishing sight of the sea. A menu on the blackboard is available which covers all the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. The couples can also order their private dinner on one of the nearby isles.

Some Interesting Facts about the Island

You can also walk through the jungle for exploring the 30 meters high Banyan trees. Actually, the banyan forest is the residence of different bird’s species. This is really an amazing sight to explore. The swimming pool for the elder as well as kid’s pictures perfect on the north eastern part of the Island. In fact, the bar is also on the isle where the waiters serve the strong cocktails in the early morning. After such a tiring day full of activities, individuals need some rest. No need to worry about it. This Isle will fulfil all the needs of visitors. A spa is also there next to the swimming pool where individuals can get different massage and treatments.