Saturday, May 6, 2017

10 mouth watering foods you shouldn’t miss on an Italian Vacation

Deciding the top 10 dishes of Italy seems like an impossible task. From the Northern rustic flavors to the fresh light dishes of the South - Italian food is full of fantastic cuisine. Pasta, risotto, pizza, sea-food, the yummy desserts – endless variety and options to fill up your platter. Here are the 10 dishes that should be tasted on a Italian Vacation.

1. Pizza Margherita

Starting with one obvious choice: the famous Pizza Margherita was created in Naples by Raffaele Esposito in honour of Queen Margherita. The famed dish consists of three ingredients: tomato, basil and mozzarella.

2. Cichetti

The little plates of Cichetti feature seasonal vegetables and sea foods and has varied options from basic bar snacks to experimental colorful dishes.

3. Risotto Scampi e Limone

It is an absolute choice specially when you are visiting the Amalfi coast of Italy. The chefs often use its famous big and juicy lemons in the local cuisine. The freshness of the lemon juice and shrimps makes it a perfect summer delicacy.

4. Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Bistecca alla Fiorentina is a traditional Florentine beefsteak which finds its place on almost every restaurant platter in Florence. The steak is cooked over red burning coals for a perfect taste and eating experience.

5. Parmigiana Melanzane

Parmigiana Melanzana is a tomato and cheese eggplant bake. Though the dish is originally from the South, it can be found everywhere in Italy. The cheesy dish also comes with zucchini instead of eggplant!

6. Orecchiette con Broccoli di Rape

Orechiette is traditional pasta of the Puglia region. This fresh and thick delicacy is difficult to find elsewhere in Italy. The freshness if the ingredients make the dish incredibly tasty. The dish is perfect for the winter months as broccoli rabe grows in autumn.

7. Funghi Porcini con Pasta al Tartufo Nero

In October and November, truffles grow abundantly in the Tuscan region. So, a Tuscan eatery would be your ultimate destination if you want to treat yourself with Porcini mushrooms with black truffle pasta! A heavenly taste to indulge in.

8. Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia

Your pasta becomes a little bit more exotic when you try Spaghetti with cuttlefish ink! To make this dish the black ink of the mollusk is infused into the pasta. This traditional Sicilian dish is infectiously addictive.

9. Tiramisu

Now this is the time for some typical Italian sweet-dish. The famous Tiramisu is served all over the world, but none can match the fineness of its Italian counterparts. This delicious dessert is prepared by soaking lady fingers in Espresso.

10. Cannoli

This pastry dessert is a staple item of Sicilian cuisine and it should be in your bucket list when you are travelling in Italy. The taste of the crispy shells filled with creamy ricotta will give you a heavenly feeling.

Monday, December 12, 2016

African Tour – Discover Why The Safari Is A Life Changer

Africa is undoubtedly the number one choice for a safari experience. For some people, it can be quite challenging to think of reasons to visit Africa especially if they have not heard much about the continent or heard news just about the negative things about the nation.

For seasoned travellers, safaris are the best ways to enjoy the holidays and if you are wondering why, here are five major reasons why you should choose an Africa safari this coming holiday.

Africa has cheap destinations

Africa is the ideal destination for those who are on a limited budget because it has many attractions that can be visited without breaking the bank. The cost of living in the continent is quite low and with twenty dollars a day, exclusive of accommodation, one can get enough meals and pay for a city transport. In fact, a traveler may still have a change for his bucks that he can tip to a friendly restaurant staff.
Many African countries have placed tourism at the core of their economic plans. Because of this, they try to do everything to promote what their locations. As a promotional strategy, they may reduce visa fees and airline parking fees on their airports during low tourist seasons to attract more travelers.

Widest range of attractions

When it comes to the wonders in Africa, even a whole year vacation is not enough. There are a lot of natural sceneries to explore, from mountains to valleys, to rivers as well as lakes. There are also falls, ox-bow lakes, gorges and volcanoes.
Africa is also abundant in terms of wildlife which includes the big five cats, mammals, birds, and amphibians like crocodiles. The culture of the hundreds of tribes has unique attributes that will leave any traveler mesmerized as they discover a number of artifacts.

Natural interaction experiences

Wild animals can be attractive but seeing them live in their natural habitat is very different than watching them in a zoo, where some of them have been tamed. Going to Africa gives you an opportunity to actually drive to game parks and watch carnivorous animals in the wild as they hunt, kill and eat their prey.

You will get a better experience than what is offered on reality TV, especially when you visit an African village and meet the locals.

Africa provides a welcoming hospitality experience

When you get to Africa, you might be tempted to withhold from interacting with the people because they are strangers, but after a few days, you will realize that their friendliness rubs on you. Soon, you will be smiling and interacting with them.

The experience extends to the services offered at various facilities, as staffs are always warm and ready to give you a personalized experience that is worth a return.

The destination gives you a wholesome quality experience

African safaris come as a complete package of experiencing culture, interacting with nature and wildlife and communicating with the locals. Going for a single safari often feels like combining more than three different vacation experiences into one trip. Whether you are a luxury spender or a budget traveler, the wholesome experience is always available when you are in Africa.

An African safari allows travelers to explore what the continent has to offer. There are plenty of travel agencies that arrange a travel to Africa and this will give you the opportunity to have your first safari experience

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Australia's Highest Peak


With a height of over 2,200 meters, Mount Kosciuszko otherwise known as the Snowy Mountains is considered one of the seven summits in the world. The seven summits are the highest mountains of each continent, and is considered a great mountaineering challenge to conquer them all. If mountaineering isn’t your forte, you can immerse yourself in a region that is alive with many seasonal activities. 

 The Snowy Mountains is a three hours' drive from Canberra and six hours from Sydney Australia, the drive boasts incredible views and attractions on the way. During the winter season, it is an awesome escape to touch your first snow, make snow angels, build a snowman, ski, snowboard, have snowball fights and more fun winter activities! But make sure you gear up from the many snow hire stores scattered around the area, it will get quite chilly! 


In the warmer months, there are still plenty of things to do. Going into late spring, the Snowy Alpines turn into the ultimate outdoor escape. The Snowy Mountains resides within the Kosciuszko National Park that covers 700,000 hectares. So without all the blistering snow it is a perfect place for adventurers and thrill seekers alike. You can go hiking, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, camping, caving, horse riding or even watch wildlife. 

The most exhilarating ‘must-do’ activity is to reach the highest peak, taking in the uplifting and stunning picturesque view Australia’s highest peak has to offer. The fastest and easiest way there is to take the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift to the highest access point. This 15 minute ride goes up 560 metres, showing you incredible views as far as the eye cans see. Once reached, the trek to the peak is approximately 6km, so have your hiking boots at the ready! Along the way, you’ll see many daunting peaks, waterfalls and unique flora that only grow within that area. This national park attracts and entices many nature lovers alike. 

Deep within the park lies the Yarrangobilly caves, these limestone caves are a stunning sight to see, consisting of underground chambers and thermal pools. You can create your own adventures, maybe fishing is more of your interest. The pristine waters of the Snowy Mountains has an abundance of trout and salmon, so embark on your own venture, and you could possibly catch more than you bargain for. They also hold the Trout Festival here annually in November. 

With the passing of the snow, it leaves way to impressive dirt tracks, becoming a haven for mountain biking and 4WDing. From hardcore downhill runs to flat terrains, Kosciuszko National Park has it all. 


In the day, enjoy the great outdoors and soak in the sun. By nightfall grab a beer or dine at some of the most lavish restaurants Kosciuszko has to offer. There are many towns scattered within the National Park, each having their own rich cultural heritage. These towns have helped shaped Australia’s identity, and with their vast amount of restaurants, nightlife, cafes, retail and attractions, a whole array of experiences are available. 

There are plenty of accommodation types at Kosciuszko available, from cabins, cottages, hotels and resorts you can choose what best suits you. Camping and caravan options are also available during the warmer months for those that want to take it to the next level. 

Don’t hesitate at the name ‘Snowy Mountains’, it is definitely just as good with or without the snow. So find your inner self, and enjoy the many activities with friends or family. 
(image source: creative commons)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Best Luxury Winter Getaways of Greece


Greece is not only a wonderful summer destination. This Mediterranean country is the place of some magnificent mountains, ski resorts, opulent chalets and mouth watering cuisine, which makes it a top holiday destination throughout the year. Here are some of the best luxury winter destinations of Greece.

1. Parnassos

Parnassos is a majestic mountain and ski resort located just 2 hours away from the capital, Athens. Its closeness to the city, its verdant nature, the ancient relics of Delphi and some sumptuous local cuisine have turned its adjacent town, Arachova, into a ultimate winter retreat. Plush accommodation and fine dining has made this place immensely popular among tourists.

2. Arcadia

The beautiful mountains of Arcadia, a ski resort and an excellent river rafting point have made this place the most loved winter travel destination among tourists from all over the world. This place has a great historical importance and it offers some great mouth watering winter food. With a lot of things to do, see and taste, the classic villages around the Arcadia mountains make for a wonderful Winter getaway.

3. Kastoria

Kastoria has become a great travel destination throughout the year because of its enchanting and breath taking nature. This place is distantly located far away from the cities, near the borders of Albania and it features some wonderful winters, with a frozen landscape that will make your heart beat stop. The Aliakmonas river is ideal for rafting, the mountains are perfect for village hopping, and the old town district, Dolco, is famous for some illustrious architecture and sumptuous local food.

4. Korinthia

Korinthia has set foot in the winter destination league just a few years ago, when some plush chalets were erected in the adjacent mountains. With them some affordable traditional inns and fine dining eateries popped up as well. Take the romantic routes through the forest to experience the beauty of the lakes and the scenery. Korinthia’s vicinity to Athens makes it an ideal weekend destination, while the higher altitude boasts of freezing temperatures when the temperature of Athens is still warm.

5. Zagorochoria

Nothing can be wrong for you in Zagorochoria. You can’t really choose a village for your accommodation that’s not breathtakingly beautiful. Here the hotels, taverns, restaurants everything is more than perfect. Go for a rafting session in Voidomatis river, trek in the Vikos gorge and take a thrilling horse ride along the river. Zagorochoria is just 5 hours drive from the city of Athens which makes the experience even more wonderful.

6. Tzoumerka

Tzoumerka, is actually a number of traditional villages encircled by beautiful mountains, deep canyons and steep rocks. Ancient monasteries and dilapidated bridges will take you back to the past. The Arachthos river adds to the outstanding beauty of the landscape and it also offers a great rafting experience. It is undoubtedly a traveller's dream destination.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Romantic Vacation in Australia : Things you must do

The enchanting natural beauty of Australia can be summed up in three words – Pure, Tranquil and Untouched. This part of the world will definitely make your love bloom with many colours.

1. Go for a seaplane ride over the Heart Reef

Nestled in the flamboyant Great Barrier Reef, the Heart Reef is surely a ideal place for lovebirds. Go for a seaplane ride to witness the heavenly beauty, enjoy a romantic dinner on the beautiful white sands of Whitehaven Beach or drench yourself in the pristine blue waters of the famous Whitsunday Islands.

2. Dine under open sky at Sounds of Silence of Uluru

Set against the canvas of the magnificent Uluru, Sounds of Silence pledges a unique romantic dining experience. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner under the starry sky with your sweetheart. Uluru is also regarded as one of Australia's most notable landmarks and it is a World Heritage Site.

3. Experience the incredible view with a Twilight Bridge Climb at Sydney

It is said that a city becomes most romantic at twilight, when the setting sun colours the horizon in a red-gold hue. And there is no other place than the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to get a better view of the city. A climb across this iconic structure takes about three and a half hours.

4. Stay at an underground hotel at Coober Pedy, South Australia

Experience a romantic coziness at a underground hotel at Coober Pedy. In the summer months most of the city's inhabitants takes refuge to unique underground residences called 'dugouts.'

5. Pamper your sweetheart at one of Australia's famous lavish retreats.

At the lap of the national parks, overseeing the ocean or amidst the desert sands, Australia's luxury retreats are famous for their grandeur and remoteness. Head to the Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island or the Southern Ocean Lodge at Kangaroo Island to have a lavish romantic date.

6. Hot air balloon ride over Yarra Valley

Floating among the clouds over the verdant greenery of Yarra Valley is a perfect romantic experience . Yarra Valley has lot more to offer with its rich art and culture, famous wine regions and its charming parks and gardens.

7. Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

You, your loved one, a top open car and the picturesque Great Ocean Road – you cant ask for more on a romantic holiday. With the natural wonders like the Twelve Apostles spicing up the way, this beautiful stretch will make you fall in love again.

8. A concert at the Sydney Opera House

Australia is synonymous with the beautiful Sydney Opera House. The iconic shell roof has become a definitive symbol of the country. And nothing could be more romantic than witnessing a performance at the Sydney Opera House.

9. Walk under the green canopy of Daintree Rainforest

This place seems like it was made for the romantic souls. Hand in hand, taking a stroll through the exuberant green forests of the Daintree, engulfed only by your thoughts and the distinct sound of the jungle. Daintree Rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest of Australia and also a World Heritage Site.

10. Visit the Remarkable Rocks of Kangaroo Island

Located by the margin of the sea at Flinders National Park, the Remarkable Rocks are superbly balanced boulders. Created by 500 million years of sea spray and rain, the charming rocks also provide the fitting vantage point for the spectacular Casuarina Islets. A perfect destination for a romantic evening out with your loved one.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Travelling Back in Time on the Island of Zanzibar

Image credit: Sakke Wiik, all creative commons

Have you ever dreamed of running away to a tropical island and turning back the clock from the fast-paced urban era to the times when man was one with his environment and Nature was still unblemished by the hazards of civlizational progress? Avid travelers plagued by desire for time alone in the lap of Mother Nature should consider Zanzibar as a potential destination for their next trip. With clean, sunny beaches, untamed wildlife and numerous historical sites that testify of the region’s turbulent past, the island is slowly climbing up the lever of the world’s top tourist destinations. If you want to travel back in time and take refuge in an exotic paradise, check out all the wonders Tanzania and the Zanzibar Archipelago have in store for you.

  Nature of Zanzibar: Africa’s Garden of Eden

 Since its potentials are still largely undiscovered by mass tourism, Zanzibar takes pride in clean, silky beaches free of tourist crowds. Situated around 50 kilometers off the Tanzanian coast, the island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and its moderate tropical climate makes it a perfect romantic getaway throughout the year. Here, some of the world’s rarest birds and animals are still thriving, and the island offers a safe haven for a handful of endemic species such as the Zanzibar bishop, the nlue duiker, the Zanzibar leopard, green and hawksbilled turtles and the Zanzibar suni. Off the island coast, you can even see dolphins, whales and giant whalesharks, and the island’s underwater world abounds in fascinating coral reef formations and colorful fish.

  Prison Island: Journey to the past

 One of the most popular tours in Zanzibar, Prison Island is a true embodiment of exotic heaven, but its history is far less stellar than its current purpose may let on. The island still holds remains of an ancient slave prison which was at one point transformed into a quarantine hospital to treat sailors from infected ships. The main gaol building was later redone into an upmarket hotel. Other interesting things you can see on and around Prison Island that stand out from the typical 21st century tourist attractions include amazing coral reefs, clownfish and a family of giant Aldabra tortoises brought to the island from the Seychelles toward the end of the 19th century. Prison Island is one of the best wild spots in Tanzania to go diving and snorkeling, so make sure you give water sports a go if your time on the island allows it.

  Stone Town: Where history and modernity collide

 Another landmark example of how closely the past and modern life are intertwined in Zanzibar, Stone Town is home to some of the region’s most important historical sites that date back to the era of Arab reign and early British explorers. During your stay on the island, check out the House of Wonders: formerly once of the six palaces of Sultan of Zanzibar Barghash bin Said, the edifice now serves as the Museum of History and Culture of Zanzibar and the Swahili Coast. Other important structures built centuries ago include the Palace Museum that dates back to the era of Omani reign, Forodhani Gardens, Arab Fort (the oldest building in the area) and Dr Livingstone's House, which was built back in 1860 for Sultan Majid and was later used to accommodate missionaries and explorers.

  Image source: Jonathan Stonehouse, all creative commons

  Colorful markets: The true spirit of the Old World

In addition to untouched flora and fauna and numerous historical monuments, the local markets are perhaps the best embodiment of the spirit of the Old World. During a tour of Zanzibar’s busy markets, you can see people selling handcrafted items, freshly caught fish and other seafood, traditional garments and various everyday objects made by hand from locally sourced materials. Unlike in the rest of the world, prices in this part of Tanzania are surprisingly low, and you can haggle with the vendors if you want to get the best value for your money. If you have the time to stop by a Zanzibari market, make sure you stock up your collection of spices, herbs and souvenirs: the island is a genuine paradise for shopaholics!

 Away from modern chaos and technology, Zanzibar is a place of magic, wilderness and wonders long forgotten by contemporary tourists. On this captivating island, time seems to stand still, preserving history and nature at their finest and most memorable.

Author bio: Oliver Hyde is an experienced business consultant from the UK. His job allows him to
travel, which also happens to be one of his greatest passions. Being a wanderer, he rarely stays at the same place for a long time, but Africa stole his heart. He had been travelling through the continent for more than a year. You can follow his travel adventures on Twitter.

Friday, January 15, 2016

8 Incredible Indian long drive routes

Adventurous individuals craves for long drives and has a burning passion for roads. To them the journey matters more than the destination. They find their nirvana in Snow covered roads, rugged terrains, highways lined by forests and sand swept routes. If you have that reckless soul, just bid adieu to all your earthly worries, rev up your bike and take the road. And these roads in India will definitely mesmerize you in every possible way.

1. NH 3, Leh-Manali Highway

The Leh-Manali highway is marked by stretches of barren land, road covered with snow and flanked by magnificent mountains. This highway runs at an average elevation of about 13,000 ft, and connects three beautiful locations - Manali, Zanskar valley and Lahaul and Spiti valley. Breathtaking visuals of this stretch will steal your heart away.

2. NH 114 and NH 15, Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

The breathtaking journey along this road will make you experience miles and miles of golden desert sand surrounding you everywhere. You will also have the opportunity to witness several spectacular tourist destinations on the course of this trail.

3. Koli Mallai Ghat Road, Bangalore to Koli hills

The stretch from Bangalore to the Koli hills is a grand treat to drive on. From here get ready to experience the ultimate thrill. A stretch of about 15 km, is marked by 70 continuous sharp bends, which makes it an extremely dangerous way. Rightly known as "the mountain of death", this place has numerous mythological associations . You can also enjoy the wild beauty of dense, green tropical forests.

4. Old Silk Route, Kalimpong to Zuluk

This famed historic road is the oldest trade route of South Asia. The enchanting beauty of the surroundings will make you travel back in the ancient times.

5. NH 1D, Srinagar to Leh

You need to travel on this road if you want to experience the beauty of treacherous terrains. This landscape is aptly called 'the Indian Grand Canyon' due to its rugged appearance.

6. NH 22-Hindustan Tibet Road, Ambala to Khab

This stretch has earned a place in History channel's "IRT Deadliest Roads",. The sudden appearance of dangerous bends will make your heartbeats stop but it's totally worthy of everything.

7. Rann of Kutch

This endless sweep of salt desert, is definitely a must-visit for all bike aficionados. This region is marked by places like Dholavira, one of the sites of the Harappan civilization. Give it a shot for a fast and furious brake free cruise along this barren landscape.

8. NH4, Mumbai-Pune Expressway

This six-lane expressway will enthrall you with all its beauty . Tearing through the beautiful Sahyadri ranges, this breathtaking route is scenic at its best. Experience the different sounds while driving through the long tunnels which will make you feel like talking to the winds.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

So what you are single? Go for Solo Traveling

Pretty often so happens that, you have all your zeal and plans in place to travel to a great destination but sadly your friends or dear ones cannot match their dates with you and fails in getting a sneak out of their schedule. I am sure this is a very common situation almost all of us have come across at least once in life. Apparently such situations demand waiting and delaying your plans until your folks get time for the same or as a whole sabotage the plan.
  Now depends how serious and desperate you are to travel and explore a dream destination, and how much ready you are to go for it all alone if given a chance. And if you are the one who puts all thumbs up for singles holidays, there are many agencies can fulfill your dreams. They have a great offer of small groups made out of few solo travelers who shares similar taste, choices and conceptions about a particular destination. So now you can be relaxed that you will not be a lonesome gazing over the scenic views and enchanting captures of the moment and unable to express and share your excitement. You are traveling singly but indeed with more like minded people, which will let you enjoy your trip far more than ever. And definitely you might take back great friendships home from your great trip.
  Most of travel agencies will offer small group tours for solo travelers to almost all the destinations they otherwise cover. These small group trips extend from a week to two at times three. You have a long list for your choice of destination starting from Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia etc till the amazing South America. For those who hold deep passion for wildlife, a trip to Kenya via Tanzania will be your pick. If you always dreamt to walk around the giant pyramids and sphinx and try to smell around the deep rooted mysteries from the ancient hieroglyphics, an in depth tour of Egypt of total 17 days will suit you the best. Similarly they a tour trips planned for countries like Turkey, Jordan, Moscow to Prague and a lot many.
  Singles holidays most of the times allow you to have your own time at your best, lets you unwind yourself within, and sometimes lets you some wonderful moments to talk to your own soul. They make it all come true with a minimal effort of reaching them and conversing through your requirements. I am sure you will appreciate these agencies which is built up by people who loves traveling themselves.

Friday, December 18, 2015

5 Vital things to study before buying travel insurance policy online

Nobody would like to spoil his or her traveling plans just for the lack of suitable travel policies. There is basically no point in risking your travel safety when you can easily get various affordable travel insurance policies online. Only you need to choose the policy carefully for utter safety.

So how can you carefully choose a travel insurance policy online? You need to be watchful and keep the following 5 things in mind for utter safety:

Go through various insurance websites: There is no dearth of insurance websites who claim to offer reasonable travel insurance policies. Not all the websites will offer you the same facilities and coverage. Go through as many websites as you can. You’ll get an overview of which company is offering what. This will help you to select the right option for yourself. Don’t stick to any website without judging all the available options.

Be sure of the websites reputation: Look for the websites with good reputation. Ask your friends and acquaintance for suggestions. Read the testimonials and visitors’ comments to know how people rate the website. Insurance companies with ambiguous profile must be avoided. If an online company offers you unbelievably cheap rates, then don’t get carried away. It may be just a trap. Steer clear of the websites which don’t give you the complete idea about the policy terms and conditions also.
Compare the prices: Make a list of various policy rates that you got after detailed research. Evaluate the policy charges carefully and then select the most reasonable one. This will help you to save your dollars along with choosing the apposite travel insurance policy.

Check the coverage plan carefully: Make sure that the insurance policy you’re choosing provides you an overall protection. The insurance policy must endow you with medical coverage and cancellation coverage too. Your travel insurance policy must ensure you these coverages for completely safe and enjoyable journey. If you find any discrepancy with the policy terms, then you must clarify them before purchasing.

Insist on authorized policy materials: Zero in on an online insurance provider which will deliver you all the essential policy materials efficiently. Either through e-mail delivery or postal delivery, but you must get the documents on time. Before you sign up with any online insurance company, you must check that the company you’re choosing is efficient enough to provide you with the documents on time.

If you’ll keep these 5 things in mind while buying a travel insurance policy online, then your chances of getting a safe and secure deal will increase. You’ll be able to avert unwanted scams and your journey will be safe too. So just be very careful and choose the right travel insurance policy through proper research.